Quit Kissing My Ashes

John Edward, world-renowned medium, "A family's story of love, death, tragedy and triumph. A MUST-READ for any parent dealing with the loss of a child."

Danielle Steel, best-selling author, "I wish you the very best. I'm sure Kyle feels proud of you for all your good efforts."

Dr. Albert Taylor, author of Soul Traveler, "Judy Collier shares with us an incredible story about life, death, and the afterlife, that provides welcome reassurance for us all."

Judy Guggenheim, author of Hello from Heaven, "Judy Collier invites her readers to be a companion through her family's journey of grief, discovery, and ultimate celebration that Kyle lives on!"

Mary Jo McCabe, author Cracking the Coconut Code, "Without doubt, this book proves there is life after death."

Comments received from readers of Quit Kissing My Ashes

v    “This book will heal thousands.  I thank Judy for writing it.  Pick it up and you will too.”

v    “My daughter died last year.  I could not put this book down.  For the first time, I have hope.”

v    “After a few pages into your book, I got out my hi-lighter so I could mark special things, and almost the entire book is hi-lighted!”

v    Quit Kissing My Ashes is incredible!  I’m not a big reader, but I could not quit reading it.”

v    “This book is wonderful!  I am buying six more copies of Quit Kissing My Ashes to give to others.”

v    “This book is a keeper!  It is written in a way that a non-believer will become a believer.”

v    “Very funny and very entertaining while teaching us lessons about life, death and life after death.”

v    Quit Kissing My Ashes kept me spellbound.  I usually don’t finish a book so quickly.”

v    “I recently lost my oldest son.  I have found a great deal of comfort from the things you wrote.”  

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