Kyle Shows Up During My Media Appearances

While appearing as a guest on David Ruben’s Talk-Radio Network Syndicated show, “Strange Universe,” I told David that Kyle was able to manipulate lights.  David laughed and said, “I have to share this story with you and our listeners.  We have a large neon sign in our studio and it hasn’t worked for quite a few months.  We’ve even had someone try to fix it.  Well… a few seconds before you came on the air telling us that Kyle could turn lights off and on, the neon light came on!  We all looked at each other in astonishment.”  I told David that I’d send him the bill.


I’m known as quite a talker (I stuttered when I was younger) and my husband thinks I’m making up for lost time.  Well…during my radio appearances I’ve learned I must slow down and pause so the radio host can get a few words in.  I was a guest on a radio show in Florida, which was hosted by a man and a woman.  I started telling Kyle’s story and after talking a couple of minutes, I made a point to pause.  I didn’t hear anything so I started talking again, commenting on all the amazing things Kyle was able to do and manipulate.  After a few more minutes of talking I took another pause.  Well…still no talking on the other end, so I continued with my story.  After my fourth pause and no response I started thinking maybe I wasn’t even on the air.  I said, “Is anybody there?”

“Yes, we’re here.  But we are all looking at all that is happening in the studio and we are shocked.  Things are turning off and on, things are moving and there is a light coming from the microphone.  None of this has ever happened before.  We can all see it.”   “Kyle’s just letting you know that he is there,” I responded.

On July 9, 2003, I was a guest on News Talk on radio station WOCA, in Ocala, Florida.  Larry Whitler was the host.  Soon after Kyle’s death a psychic had told me that Kyle would be able to bring animals where they had never been seen before.  There is a chapter in Quit Kissing My Ashes concerning all of Kyle’s animal episodes.  Well…Larry was one of the few radio hosts that had actually read my book before my appearance.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  Before I was on the air he told his listeners that he spotted a bird inside his locked car the day before. He couldn’t figure out how it got in there. Then when I was on the air I brought up the fact that Kyle could manipulate animals and put them where they had never been seen before.  Larry responded, “This is so incredible.  I’ve lived in Florida for 5 years and never have seen a snake on my property.  This very morning, there was a snake in my bathtub!”


I was excited to be scheduled as a guest on WWL-TV’s Morning Show in New Orleans. Even though I live in Baton Rouge and New Orleans is a little over an hour’s drive away, I know absolutely nothing about getting around in New Orleans.    Because they wanted me on the air at 6:45 am and I had no idea where North Rampart Street was, I left home around 4:00 am so I’d have plenty of time to spare.  I had my Map Quest map with me and I actually contemplated stopping on the way to get some coffee.  But, I decided I’d drive on.  Thank heavens I did.  I knew I was lost when I crossed a bridge and was no longer in New Orleans.  I had absolutely no idea where I was.  (I’ve never used Map Quest since!) Was I lost or what?  After stopping two times and asking for directions I ended up back on the right side of the bridge.  But I still didn’t know whether to go straight, turn left, turn right or circle and go the other way.  Time was running out for me.  It was about 6:25 am and I started to cry.  But then I thought, “If by any chance I do get there I won’t look too good.”  I then said out loud, “Kyle, please help me.”  At that very moment I heard a horn honk next to me.  I turned to my left and saw a white limousine.  The driver rolled his passenger window down, and I rolled my window down.  His exact words were, “It looks like you need help.”  I could not believe what I heard.  I had not been doing anything to get his attention.  I moved when the lights turned green and stopped when they were red.  I told the driver that I was scheduled to be a TV guest at WWL-TV in 15 minutes.  He said, “Follow me.”  As I followed this long white limousine, weaving in and out of Monday morning traffic I thought, “Thank you, Kyle.”  I pulled up to the station just in time to be on the air!  Since this event happened I’ve conversed with the driver, Lionel, and he told me that he had no idea as to why he asked me if I needed help.  Lionel’s a very spiritual man, and I truly believe Kyle had him help me.

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