Kyle Helped Me!

  • After Kyle’s death he often communicated with two psychics, Mary Jo and Linda.   Many times he told them to tell me, “Mom must write a book.”
  • I hired Linda to help me type my manuscript and Linda told me Kyle was a regular visitor to her house. Apparently Kyle wanted to add his own two cents to the project.   Kyle deleted words and sentences, told her what changes should be made, and made her computer do strange things while she worked on my book. 
  • I hired a graphic designer to design my book cover.  After forking over $1200 I was quite pleased with the finished product.  I wanted to show off the cover to Mary Jo, my psychic friend, to see what she thought.  “I love it!” she said.  “Who is this guy?  I’m writing a new book and I might want to speak with him.”  After a few minutes of raving about the cover I was shocked when Mary Jo said, “But Kyle hates it!”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. As I walked through the door of my house that night I yelled to Jim, “Well I’ve just wasted $1200 and I’m back to square one because Kyle hates the cover.”
  • The next day Linda sent me an email.  It included a picture and she said that Kyle had chosen it and apparently he thought it would make a good book cover.  I made a copy of her email and put it away.   A few days later I hired a book designer in Iowa to do my cover.  I told George nothing about what I wanted only that I wanted it to be inspirational and the title should be “Quit Kissing My Ashes.”  A few weeks later a copy of the cover George designed arrived in the mail.  When I looked at it for the first time I was shocked!  When I showed George’s design to Linda she said, “Why did you send the picture Kyle picked out to George?” I told Linda I didn’t.  The pictures were almost identical!  We both laughed at what Kyle was able to do. 
  • Because I was new to this book endeavor, I had no idea how much I should charge for the book.  I did research and many so-called experts stated that to break even you needed to price the book at least eight times the cost of publishing your book.  “I don’t think people are going to pay $500 for this book,” I told Linda.
  • A few days later Linda phoned me.  “Kyle came to me last night and showed me how much you should charge for your book.  You know how number 42 is so important to you? (It was Kyle’s football number in high school and college.)  And the time Jim put a “Valentine Greeting” to you in the classified section of the paper that was a big red valentine with only a large number “42” on it?  Well, Kyle showed me that ad and told me to tell you to reverse the number and charge $24.95.”

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